Saturday, April 5, 2014

Here's looking at you

Ever notice how some babes are always posing for the camera?

                   He's working hard at bringing her to orgasm and she's looking at the camera

                                                  She's got a big smile for the camera

                                         It's not that this lucky stiff isn't enjoying himself

                                      She's always concerned with making a good impression

                               He's got a face full of pussy and she's got a face for the camera

                                               She tastes good no matter what's on her mind

                                       This gal is worried that her hair might be messed up

By the way, do you happen to know what this lovely lady's name is?  I use to jerk-off to her quite a bit and would like to hunt for some of her pics for old times sake.  Leave a comment if you know her.

                                                          Well, that's the end for now

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


                    Some guys lucky enough to have a babe who'll sit on their face

                     Talk about all the luck! Just imagine having this hot babe on your face

                                     This lucky stiff has got a good hold on his dick too!

                                                                      Totally buried

Unfortunately this guy can't look up and see her lovely titties.  But he does get to lick her tasty pussy.

                                    She wants to make it into some kind of weird ritual.  Why not?

                                              This looks a nice way to spend the afternoon

                                                        Reach up and grab some tit

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The very best tasting stuff

                 Here's some lucky guys getting a taste of the best tasting stuff in this whole world!

                                                                     Sheer ecstasy!

                                                        He appreciates how lucky he is

                                     She gives him a taste when he's been good

                                                    Some guys only get to fuck her

                                                            He's got a lively one!

                                            If he gets it right she might let him do it again

                                                          He knows how to please her

                                        This dude really appreciates how she gets so nice and wet

                                                                 Classic Cunnilingus

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Just love the sight of cunnilingus

                                         Especially when the babe is as sexy as Francesca

Let's take a closer look

                                             The tongue and the clit were made for each other

                                                                        A perfect match!

                                                Maybe he'll slowly work his way inside

                                                     Pretty face and a pretty pussy

                                                 Nice looking cunt and a very cute asshole

                                                            Looks like this is the end


                                                      Something extra to jerk-off over

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


                                                       Can three people have oral sex?

                                                        This trio certainly knows how

                                              Which position would you prefer to occupy?

                                       Personally, I'd like to be the guy with a face full of pussy

                                          The guy on the left is taking his role seriously

                                        This lovely lady is pleasing two guys at once

  Maybe the guy getting the blow-job thinks he's got the best deal.  But what does he know?

                            What's important is that everyone is happy in their position

                                                                              Interesting tits!

Friday, July 26, 2013


                                 We've borrowed Elle Alexandra from our Small Tops Blog

                   Elle is the Small Tops Dream Girl of 2012.  I bet you're all dreaming of licking her sweet pussy!

                                                          Elle is pretty good at it herself


                                                               Elle has such a sexy body!

                                   All of the sex scenes I've seen with her are girl on girl

                                                      Love the sight of tongue on twat

A little bit of foreplay and...

                                                               Some real hot sex!

                                                  Wouldn't you love to be in that blond's place?